Printing and Promotional
Laser Engraved,
Colour Filled  Name Badges
Our Current Anniversary

Laser Engraved Photo Namebadge
badge #1 Hotfoil Printed / Name to be Engraved
badge #2  Hotfoil Printed / Name to be Engraved
badge #3  - 3 Colour Hotfoil Printed / Name to be Engraved badge #4  Hotfoil Printed / Name to be Engraved
Laser Badge 5
badge #8  Molded 3 Col. Hot Stamped/ Tape Slot Name
At TechniSoft Printing & Promotional, we have been supplying Plain Laser Engraved, Single & Multi-Colour  Laser Engraved.
 Name Badges, to Industry and Hobby or Recreational Organizations Since 1989
Why Trust some 'Trophy' shop with the accurate reproduction of your  Corporate or Club Logo?  Trophy shops 'Assemble' Trophies.
They should 'only' be doing what they do best!

We Do What We Do Best, and We Don't 'Assemble' Trophies
Whether its 1 simple 1"x3" single line name badge with a locking safety pin on the back, for $5.50  or 1000 custom quote single, or multicolour club/corporate badges such as the ones above, we will give you the best possible Price & Quality on whatever you need.
 (I'm in this business to make a living, not a killing).

Clubs and Non Profit  Organizations (I have the final decision on who's a non profit organization ) 
can order as few as 12 Custom Laser Engraved Logo Badges, for as little as $6.95 each
 + Shipping, + a one time Set-up charge.

'Initial' Orders of Badges with Laser Engraved Logos and/or Graphics require a minimum order of 12 badges, unless artwork to our specifications is supplied. Shipping cost depends on 'where' you are, set-up costs depend on time required to prepare artwork for laser engraving (minimum one time charge of $0.00 - $30.00 applies, depending on quality of artwork provided by the customer). Once your artwork is in our system, if you 'missed' someone, or require 'another' badge at sometime in the future, you will pay the same low price for a re-order, or new order of 'one' badge, as you did on your previous Laser Engraved order..

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