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Advertising  (Fridge) Magnets are the ONLY advertisement that no one ever seems to throw away.. As a matter of fact, I'll bet you can't think of another product that someone would pick up,
(even off the street) and display for YEARS, on a prominent place in their home or office
without any enticement or reward whatsoever. The chances are, you have several on display
in your home or business at this very moment! The cost per unit is far less expensive
than most other give-aways, and the simple fact that people collect and keep them for years,
makes a magnet the most economical, longest lasting form of advertising there is........

Please NOTE: We are NOT a trade supplier.

And Just How Much Do They Cost?
Magnet FAQ's : 
  • The cost of a magnet is based on Size, Quantity, Number of Colours, Shape, and just how fast you need them
  •  (We require all this information before we can give you a quote)
  • NO Most colours DO NOT cost any more than Black on White (yuck)
  • Minimum Order is for Screen printed magnets is 100. 
  • NO we do not charge extra for General Typesetting & Artwork Scans 
  • Turn around time is from 5 days to 3 weeks depending on the type of magnet, and the quantity you require.

This is the usual type of magnet for most Advertising Requirements
They can be used indoors or out, and they NEVER curl when the humidity goes up

The Magnets Below, Are Priced With "Square" Corners and One Standard Colour
Larger Quantities & Sizes Are Available on Request

Please email for current Prices

100 250 500 1000 2000
1" x 2"

2" x 2"

2" x 3"

2" x 3.5"
Business Card Size

3.5" x 3.5"

2" Circle

3.5" Circle

Each Additional Colour

   Standard Screen Printing Colours
. . . . . . . .
Yellow Orange Red Light blue Dark Blue Green Light Green Brown
Black is also a standard Colour, White is the No-Charge Standard Background colour
Custom Colour Matching is Also Available At an Additional $30.00 Per. Colour Upcharge

Larger volume orders, are usually Less expensive than other production methods, but please be aware: unlike screen printing and hotstamping
This type of magnet, while in storage, will Curl with changes in Temperature and Humidity
Regardless of  WHO makes them,
the paper will absorb moisture and expand, but the plastic laminate, and the magnet do not.
The result is a curl, and the inability to lie flat. So, if your climate is warm, and/or the humidity
is high, this is NOT the magnet process to consider. You should be using screen printed Magnets. 
The Perceived Quality of your Product or Service depends on Quality Promotional Products.
Your customers will thank you
(When stuck to a metal surface they 'will' stay flat)
Popular Sizes: 1.5" x 2.5" , 2" x 2" , 2" x 3.5" (Orders usually ready in 14 days or less)
2" x 2": Minimum Order 500 pcs. Request a quote below
Business Card (2" x 3.5"):Minimum Order 500 pcs. Request a quote below
Please NOTE: We are NOT a trade supplier.

The setup charges and prices you will be quoted. are based  on GOOD Quality, full colour artwork or photos provided to accepted industry standards. They are based on the area of the magnet, and not on any particular text, or layout.
The Universal Currency Converter

Have Something Special In Mind,  or Require Other Information?
Send us an Email
If you require a quote,  We must have the following information.
+How many magnets do you need ?
+How many Colours are are to be printed (4 for full colour) ?
+What Size and Shape is the Finished Magnet Going to be ?
+Are you picking them up at our location, or are we shipping them?
+IF we are shipping them, you have to tell us where you are!
We Will E-Mail Your Quote or Requested Information within Two Business Days
Email addresses are used ONLY to respond to THIS request.
We will NOT give your email to Spam Peddlers
"Prices Shown, are in CANADIAN DOLLARS
And DO NOT include taxes or shipping charges"

We can  Currently Accept Canadian Email Interac & PayPal from anywhere in North America

Most orders can be shipped within 10 - 15 Business Days, email us for details.


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