ArtWork Specifications

Please inquire as to what is needed

sending us your artwork.

Artwork requirements may not be as stringent for some items, depending on the size & method of reproduction required. We will tell you exactly what is needed to produce your job.

Basic Information
If your not a 'graphic's' person, don't let these specs. confuse you.
We will tell you exactly what we need to produce your project, and help you along the way..

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Laser Artwork requirements, and specifications

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Complete Artwork produced by us, is charged at $80.00 per hour. If you are sending us your artwork, Electronic artwork is encouraged. Corel draw files are preferred. Files should contain vectored images not bitmaps. We must be able to manipulate the image so that we can vary line thickness' to suit the production process to be used. All Text should be converted to curves. We accept 'vectored' files with the following extensions: .cdr, .ai, or .wmf (.cdr version 4-14/ .ai or .eps illustrator / uncompressed,  .tif files at 300 dpi or more or a minimum size of 2000 x 1500 pixel .jpgs, and these 'may' incur artwork charges if they must be vectorized for the product ordered.  .doc files, web sized .jpg's or bitmap .eps files are NOT acceptable artwork, and we can't use them for production. We will not even open a .doc file, but a low res .jpg 'may' be used for general artwork or product reference.

Customer supplied artwork for all but full colour products, must be "camera ready", showing all raised, printed, or engraved areas as solid black (RGB 0.0.0). Black and white artwork must be sharp with no rough edges. Faxed artwork or any emailed bitmap less than 300 ppi (dots per inch or pixels per inch) is not acceptable.

Your full colour files must meet the following minimum standards. 'photographic' full colour file must be saved as a 300 dpi(minimum) .tif format  all other colour files must be 'vector' files in one of the formats and versions from above. All 'spot' colours must be general CMYK process or pantone process (please supply numbers), NOT spot pantone. Full colour files 'should' be accompanied by a hard copy proof, or we can not guarantee there will not be a colour shift from RGB to CMYK.. Also please note, that if your product requires a 'spot' colour, some pantone colours are 'spot' colours only, and can not be reproduced by either video (RGB) or process printing i.e. your ink jet printer (CMYK) We will will assume that when you specify a PMS number, you are familiar with the 'true colour' of that mix. Also Please note that 4 Colour 'Process Printing' May NOT reproduce your Pantone Colours Correctly, so there is no Guarantee of a PMS colour Match using Process Colours. A HARD COPY of your full colour artwork, must be supplied with your order.

Please .ZIP all large files AND Contact us BEFORE you send them

Artwork that does not meet these requirements will require art charges at $80.00 per hour, $20.00 Minimum. All artwork will be faxed or emailed for final approval prior to production. A signed copy or authorization email from the usual contact person must be returned prior to production processes beginning. A press proof is available for an extra charge. please inquire as to cost, if you require one. Delivery dates will be adjusted based on late receipt of signed confirmation to proceed.

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.TIF/.GIF/.BMP/.JPG are "bit image" files

If bit image artwork is not at least
300 ppi (pixels or dots per inch) resolution
>>At the size that it's required to be printed,<<
we can not print it.
Because, neither of us would be happy with the results

Most Web Art is only 72 or 96 dpi, and "may" look great on Screen, 
But , it  looks really bad on anything else.
A 72dpi logo downloaded, pasted into your file, and saved at 300 dpi  will simply be 4 times smaller, and 'still' print as a 72 dpi logo, and 'still' look really  bad on just about everything

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If you are P.C. Based, Convert all text to curves And Export and Attach it as a UNCOMPRESSED  .AI FILE Or, you can send us a CorelDraw File ( we use version 14 (X4) you can even include the .tif bit images in the file) Also Convert all text to curves and attach it as a   .CDR   file.  "Tip for Corel Draw users", if you export it as a .WMF file,  your text (even grouped text) will auto convert to curves, then, simply  send us the .wmf file
Can be a BIT image file (.TIF) of at least 300 dpi or a COREL FILE as outlined above. A Black and White File MUST be 2 bit 'Line Art' (Not RGB or  8 bit greyscale, ) or it will Print/Engrave as a halftone photograph. If we convert it to line art, some detail will almost always be lost in the conversion.

REMEMBER  FOR .CDR / .AI or .EPS ALL TEXT  MUST BE CONVERTED TO CURVES or OUTLINES(for Mac users) And if using Adobe Illustrator, please turn OFF file compression before saving your file

By converting all text to curves, we do not need your fonts on our system.  You are free to use whatever typestyles you wish.
If your file is huge, please send it as a .ZIP compressed file
Sorry, we CAN NOT use word processing files(.doc), PrintShop files, Quark, or Pagemaker files
For One Colour Printing, Export the file as a .tif bit image and send us that
Artwork that is to be printed, 'ONE COLOUR'  is ALWAYS Black on White
(the black part is where the ink is (regardless of colour), and the white part is not).
Multi-Colour is Always a special quote so you can send me a (150 minimum dpi) .JPG of what the finished product is to look like, and I will try to quote it the best I can, but in some cases, I will need colour separated artwork before printing...
Full Colour Specs..
The only exception to the above information, are files that will be printed "computer to plate" , which now-a-days is anything "Full Colour" or CMYK spec..Please NOTE: We can quote from a .jpg file, but we will not print from a .jpg file (.jpg files are compressed 'lossy' files, and cannot be used for 'quality' 4 colour printing)
Full Colour Artwork must meet these minimum specs.:
* IF Full bleed,  (colour goes right to the edge)it  must print 3/16 beyond the cutlines
* All Colours must be CMYK (comprised of cyan/magenta/yellow/black.. Not Red/Green/Blue)
* File must have a resolution of no less than 300 dpi
* File must be supplied in .tif or 'vector' format 'We Do Not Print From Low Resolution .JPG's'
*A Hard Copy should be supplied, or colours may vary from what you expect

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