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General Terms & Conditions

Please inquire as to what is needed BEFORE sending us your artwork.
Help with Artwork for Production on Our Laser can be seen here

Artwork requirements may not be as stringent for some items, depending on the size & method of reproduction required. We will tell you exactly what is needed to produce your job).
Artwork produced by us, is charged at $80.00 per hour. If you are sending us your artwork, Electronic artwork is encouraged. Corel draw files are preferred. Files should contain vectored images not bitmaps. We must be able to manipulate the image so that we can vary line thickness' to suit the production process to be used. All Text should be converted to curves. We accept uncompressed 'vectored' files with the following extensions: .cdr, .ai, or .wmf (.cdr version 4-14/ .ai Uncompressed illustrator / uncompressed .tif files at 300 dpi or more are the 'only' bitmap files accepted, and these 'may' incur artwork charges if they must be vectorized for the product ordered.  .doc files or .jpg's or bitmap .eps files are NOT acceptable artwork, and we can't use them for production. but a .jpg 'may' be used for general artwork or product reference only.

Customer supplied artwork for all but full colour products, must be "camera ready", showing all raised, printed, or engraved areas as solid black (CMY[K] Black). Black and white artwork must be sharp with no rough edges. Faxed artwork or any emailed bitmap less than 300 dpi (dots per inch or pixels per inch), 8 bit Grey Scale, is not camera ready. 

Your full colour files must be CMYK process colours, and meet the following minimum standards. 'photographic' full colour file must be saved as a 300 dpi(minimum) .tif format  (please .zip it) all other colour files must be 'vector' files in one of the formats and versions from above. All 'spot' colours must be general CMYK process or pantone process (please supply numbers), NOT spot pantone. Full colour files 'should' be accompanied by a hard copy proof, or we can not guarantee there will not be a colour shift from RGB to CMYK.. Also please note, that if your product requires a 'spot' colour, some pantone colours are 'spot' colours only, and can not be reproduced by either video (RGB) or process printing i.e. your ink jet printer (CMYK) We will will assume that when you specify a PMS number, you are familiar with the 'true colour' of that mix. Also Please note that 4 Colour 'Process Printing' May NOT reproduce your Pantone Colours Correctly, so there is no Guarantee of a PMS colour Match using Process Colours. A HARD COPY of your full colour artwork, must be supplied with your order.
Artwork that exceeds 10 megabytes in size may be rejected by our servers, and we will not even know you sent it.. Please .ZIP all large files

Artwork that does not meet these requirements will require art charges at $80.00 per hour, $20.00 Minimum. All artwork will be faxed or emailed for final approval prior to production.
A signed copy or authorization email from the usual contact person must be returned prior to production processes beginning. A press proof is available for an extra charge. please inquire as to cost, if you require one. Delivery dates will be adjusted based on late receipt of signed confirmation to proceed.

Any cancellations of an order will be subject to costs incurred to date.

Colour match for enamelling will be visual "as close as possible" to samples provided or PMS, or Pantone number supplied. Additional charges will occur for custom colour mixing.

Initial orders requiring artwork and approval require 1-4 weeks depending on the product. Re-orders not requiring new artwork, molds, or dies require less time, depending on the product. Rush service is available on most products. Additional time may be required for enamelling. For Laser engraved, or printed items, for 'local' customers, t
here is a 'fixed' rush charge of $20.00, which 'may' be refundable if the item is picked up on time. I.E. 'when' the customer requested it to be ready. If 'we' are asked to rush on your behalf, we expect 'you' to pick it up on time, or pay the rush charge  -- Its only fair!!  -- The words "Oh damn! I forgot" will NOT save you the $20.00

All dies, tools, molds, film, artwork produced by us, etc., are proprietary and are for the exclusive use of the original customer. All dies, tools, etc. are kept for five years. After five years dies, molds, artwork, etc. deemed "inactive" may be destroyed.

All text required for engraving must be clearly typed and submitted by email. We do not accept engraving, personalization, or inscription information over the telephone, nor do we accept 'hand written' information. We prefer to receive text via email. This allows us to cut and paste your exact text, directly into our software for sizing and font manipulation. Faxed text that must be hand keyed by us, 'may' be subject to artwork charges.

Cast metal Items are available in fine pewter and base metal electroplated in antique brass, antique silver and antique copper finishes as well as gold, nickel, and rhodium plated. Gold tone and silver tone refer only to the colour of the crest or inscription plates not the substrate. Solid brass and brass, solid walnut and walnut are deemed to be the same. Walnut finish, ebony finish etc. refer to the shade or stains not the type of wood. For example, it may be oak, maple, mahogany, cherry or ash with a walnut stain or a veneered or foiled wood.

Orders for less than minimum are available in some cases. Please contact us for a quotation.

We try to ship exact quantities, but due to production processes this is not always possible. In accordance with industry practice, on large runs a 5% over or under production run constitutes completion of an order, and is charged accordingly.

Prices quoted on the website are current, but subject to change without notice. Prices do not include applicable Canadian taxes (HST or GST), which will be added, unless we are shipping out of the country. Prices do not include
shipping cost, or artwork, molds, dies, models, special tooling etc. necessary for production of custom products except where noted. Prices are based on 2D designs. For 3D designs, call for quotation, prices are subject to change. Prices include engraving (where indicated), lettering, plating, painting, medallions and crests etc. suitable to the item.

Prototypes and production samples are available, but will incur the same standard set-up charges as a full production order. The costs for any molds, tools artwork or fixtures in the production of the samples will be deducted from the final order, providing no changes are required

Returns are accepted for 'stock' items, and a 20% restocking charge will apply. Custom products are NOT returnable. All custom product designs are pre-approved by the customer before production begins, and are not returnable unless there is an obvious defect that will hinder the final use or performance of the item. In which case, the defective product(s) will be replaced as quickly as possible.

We reserve the right to use any products in our promotional materials or displays unless otherwise informed in writing at the time of the order. All logos, designs, insignia, trademarks, etc., are shown for illustration purposes only and are not for resale, nor are they to be construed as product or brand endorsement by or for the trademark owner.

Unless specified, goods will be shipped by the most economical method possible, given the time restraints etc., usually via expedited parcel post. Please provide full shipping addresses, P.O. boxes are not acceptable unless the item/invoice has been pre-paid via Money Order, Cash, or Email Interac. In the case of goods damaged in transit, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact us, and we will make a claim with the carrier.

All Custom Work is Pre-paid in full. If on the rare occasion we do allow you to pay on pickup, non pickup/nonpayment will incur a 40% 3rd party collection fee, as well as accumulating interest charges of 1.5% per mo. (18% per Annum) NO EXCEPTIONS

We assume clients are authorized to use the Trademark, copyrights, registration marks, etc., presented to us for reproduction. We assume no liability in copyright, trademark or patent disputes. The Customer agrees to assume all liability resulting from any actions or demands brought against us in trademark, copyright, registration marks, patent infringements or disputes.
  There are also many common logos and other copyrighted designs that we will not reproduce without written permission from the copyright owner.

The actual sizes of products pictured may be larger or smaller than illustrated. The measurements given are approximate, and slight variations are normal. Depending on the manufacturing process, some products will show slight imperfections that are inherent in natural products such as wood, stone and leather. Many items are individually cast and hand crafted to reflect the individual workmanship that is the hallmark of each item. Colours and finishes can vary slightly from lot to lot in vinyl's, leathers, woods, plating etc. Occasionally a product may vary slightly in appearance from picture. This may be due to changes in component suppliers, availability of components or manufacturing technique and does not alter the overall quality.
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