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Laser Engraved
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment,
until it becomes a memory
Dr. Seuss.

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A Family Photograph, Laser Engraved into wood, or Etched  onto Marble, Granite, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, or Plastic Makes a Unique Gift, that will last virtually forever.
-- Wedding Photos, Baby Photos, Memorials for Pets or People --
Have an idea?
Send us an email. We will be glad to give you a quote on what ever you have in mind!

Until December 24th
Photographs Engraved into 3mm Birch
NO Setup or Photoconversion
Just a Flat rate of $1.20 per sq inch.
5x7" =$42.00 + Shipping & Taxes
8x10" =$96.00 + Shipping & Taxes
>Shipping and taxes will depend on your location<
All we need is a high
resolution .jpg or .tif
'please email us your photo'
We will engrave what you send us. At the size you want.
For the Best results Please read the photo requirements
<<Click here
The better the photo the better the engraving
The Perfect Christmas Gift that will last forever
TwoPaddling HomeJo&I

Photos on 15 oz Beer Mugs

Put Someones Logo, or Mug on a Mug!!
13 oz.
Beer Mugs

Not including the handle, a
13oz Beer Mug is 5.5" high & 3" dia.


We have Perfected the art of putting High Resolution Images on Glass..

Flat Surfaced, Square or Rectangular Vases Used in Weddings, or Memorials are Perfect for this Process.
Photo Ceramic
Pets and Kids
Look Great on
6" x 6" Clear Coat White Ceramic
Wall Tiles
Incl. all set-up

Portrates in Wood
Portrates in Wood

Paddling Home

Old Wedding Photos in Wood

Photos into Birch!
$1.40 Per Sq. Inch
($30.00 Minimum)
+ Photo conversion flat rate charge of $25.00. to convert your photograph into a engraving file for the laser. This is a 1 time charge per photo.
TurkeyHunter In Baltic Birch
Everyone Has A Great Photo of a Person, Place or Thing, That You Would Like To Display in a Special Way?
We can engrave it with amazing detail, into a  8"x 10" or 5" x 7" sheet of 1/8" Baltic Birch, Suitable for framing. Captions, Credits, or Special Words Can be Added  For That Personal Touch.

Wedding & Memento Photos
 can be Engraved into Baltic Birch, Lacquer Coated, and Suitable For Framing

Plank Portraits
These Planks have 5 coats of clear lacquer on the wood face and natural bark edge. They are 13"-15" long x 9"-10"wide x 3/4"thick in size, and will comfortably accommodate photo(s) and text..
With one photo, they are $140.00. Additional photos are $10.00 each (Conversion & File Prep.) . The actual engraving colour will vary with the photograph and the wood. No two will be the same..
PLEASE Read the artwork specification page  Before sending us your photos. It will save us both a lot of time
Photos in Glass
Photo in Mirror
5x7 Wedding Mirror
Watching You!!!


(Click the Title above for the Black Enamel Glass Photo Page)


Photos & Artwork
on Glass

'Standard' sizes are
5 x 7 or 8 x 10
To fit a standard size photo frame.
Please note:We do not supply frames with any of our products. Frames are pretty subjective, so rather than add the cost of one to your order, we leave it to our customers to pick out the perfect frame for their project

The Upper Photo was Reverse Etched into glass with enamel black on the back. The Lower one was scanned from a group family photo taken in the 1940's and etched into a mirror. The back of the mirror is then coated with black enamel to create contrast.

Mirrors &Glass
can look Amazing with the right photograph. Wedding and Baby Pictures are usually perfect for this type of reproduction. The 'mottled' background in these, is a reflection off a piece of white styrofoam. Mirrors have to reflect off of something neutral to be able to photograph them..  Mirrors and black coated glass are both etched using the same process and the cost is $1.55 per square inch.. A 5x7 would be $54.25, or a 8x10 would be $124.00 +
Photo conversion flat rate charge of $25.00 to convert your photograph into a engraving file for the laser. This is a 1 time charge per photo. S&H and taxes are also applicable.

7 1/2" & 9 1/2" Clear Glass Plates
are a great gift. Cost including photo conversion and etching is $65.00(7.5") & $70.00(9.5")

Photos in Leather
Me in a previous life !!
Diver On deck w/Heliox 18 Bandmask

Like Leather?
Old Photos,
 Western/Cowboy type Photos

Always look good in Leather!
Leather Photos on customer supplied products are $25.00 Set-up,
Plus $1.40 Per Sq Inch of etching.
On sheet leather supplied by us, the cost is $1.40 per sq. inch Plus the cost of the leather
+ Photo conversion flat rate charge of $25.00. to convert your photograph into a engraving file for the laser. This is a 1 time charge per photo.. We use 8-9 oz (.125") leather for most photos

Steam EngineSteamEngine in Marble

5"  Heart
Rough Granite, (left) though lacking the very fine detail available in marble (right), it can still make a striking picture that will last as long as the polished surface itself.. This granite sample was etched into a random cut-out piece, 14" x 11.5" x 3/4" with a larger quartz flake. The one on the right was etched into brown marble.

Many other shapes of granite and marble are available, such as ovals, rectangles, squares, and hearts.

Custom Laser Engraved Photo Signs
Colour Core Plastic Signs, with or without photos, for indoor or outdoor use
More info on Signs is
available here

There are not many flat objects that we can not put a photo on. We have put photos onto Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Clear, and Coloured Acrylic Plastic, Glass Plates and Mugs, Painted Metals, Cork, Wood,. We can even put photos onto a rubber-stamp (see below)
Puppy PicturePuppy Rubber Stamp
*The Photo
*The Stamp Die
*The  Final Imprint
(Actual size)
We 'may' even laser Items you can Sell on Ebay
For a Fortune HFace

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